Below you will find correspondence from an orthodontist who specializes in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring – I found his email to be kind and enlightening which is why I am placing it in my blog.

To Dr. Rothstein – In all honesty, my comment about the dentist having his license revoked was because I assumed him to be some wack job orthodontist that thought of a crazy way to help people lose weight. I wasn’t obese or overweight for that matter and he still performed the procedure. That was my gripe with this particular orthodontist. However, I had no idea that this really was a specialty within the field, to which I thank you for enlightening me.

You are indeed correct in your correspondence to say that excessive eating comes from an underlying source and people need to clear about what is driving their eating before embarking on this journey. I found out that my issues were deeper than the eating and have worked through those things with his grace and favor. Although, as I admitted in my blog, I did lose 15 pounds with the help of OJW. However, as soon as I started eating again, I gained them all back, which is why it’s important for people to know and understand what is driving their eating habits. This procedure will only be beneficial if you change your approach towards eating so that when you take the wires off, you can maximize results.

Many people ask me all the time if I have a referral for this service. I feel comfortable referring them to you, as I feel strongly that you will counsel first.

Thanks for reaching out to me.


Dear Tami:
From:Ted Rothstein DDS PhD
Specialist in Cosmetic Orthodontics
and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Adults and Children
Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring
American Association of Orthodontists,Life-active Member
35 Remsen St., Bklyn, NY 11201
718 852 1551

So sorry your Jaw Wiring experience was bad. I just sent your beautiful article to a patient who is going to have it done next week. Moreover, I published your experience on my website because it is important for those patients who are going to choose OJW to have an understanding of the underlying reasons for excessive eating. OJW is just a jump-start. Indeed I beleive that a little bit of success breeds optimism and hope. So I added to my web site: ” Jan 20, I wrote to Tami Roman Akbar, actress now playing the Basketball Wives Series regarding if she could give me the name of the orthodontist who did her jaw wiring for weight loss AND THEN found her blog while searching her out on Linkedin.

There, she had written an article about her battle with the weight-gaining-demons and briefly alluded to her experience with Jaw Wiring: While she lost 15 pounds faster than you can say ” woe is me ” , she said the ” the orthodontist should have his licensed revoked LOL ” [read the article] I have always said that OJW is not for everyone. However, I have always said that OJW always takes you to a new plane about how you think about yourself.

In Tami Roman’s case what saved her, she wrote, was her acting coach Chip Fields who invited her to church where she ” began a relationship with G-d ” . Indeed, she wrote ” I learned to love myself on the inside. Many things from my past had been harbored in my psyche and I did not even realize it. I had been hurting from a young age and just chose to displace those feelings, thoughts and emotions. I chose the act of transference pertaining to certain issues rather than facing them head on. This displacement and transference had a negative impact on my self-esteem and it held me hostage for many years. ”
She realized she needed a remake of her soul and that Jaw Wiring was ” STUPID ” for her.

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Tami, I’m glad that you were able to overcome your inhibitions. You are a source of hope for younger generations.