WTF is your problem? I bet you have a long list of stuff to complain about. Here’s the problem with that…NOBODY CARES! Keep in mind that every person walking is dealing with something and YOU, your problems, your issues are the least of their concerns.

Stop complaining! No seriously…stop it right now. You think you’ve got problems…try being homeless in Chicago or NY right now…try digging for your food out of the nearest trash can…try living out of your car….try having to remain in a domestically violent relationship because you feel you have nowhere to go…try being a victim of child trafficking…try being unemployed…try living in a roach and rat infested tenement because the rent is all you can afford…try working a minimum wage job and still have kids to support…try having NO health insurance…try being severely disabled and can’t get approved for SSI…try being 64 years old and still having to work FULL TIME because they upped the retirement age…

So I ask you again, WTF is your problem?

The very things you are complaining about, someone out there would be so appreciative. If you don’t like a situation, take the necessary steps to change it. If you want more out of life, go get it. But for the love of God, stop complaining!