Look around and ask yourself if you enjoy the company you keep. Are these people who you have let into your personal space an attribute or a detriment to your overall well being. Do they inspire and uplift OR are they negative to the core.
I would like to think that most people are good at heart. The average person tries to live right and does what they have to do to survive. However, you have some people who in the midst of their daily routine, find a way to spew some form of hatred toward their fellow man. Whether it be the ever popular “backhanded compliment”, the “crabs in a barrel” mentality, the covetous attitude or flat out hateration…you need to decipher if these people are worthy to be in your life. Abusive relationships are not just domestic situations and they aren’t always physical. You could be in an abusive environment with your family and friends if they are mentally and emotionally draining.
The signs are there, you just have to be honest enough with yourself to recognize them. At this point, you need to strip this person from your inner circle and that isn’t always easy to do. Realize that your life has value, you are important and your overall health is dependent upon keeping positivity in your midst.
Stripping ain’t easy…but sometimes it’s necessary!