Good Morning Everyone!

It’s a bright and beautiful day in Los Angeles and it’s not really time for Uggs here, however, my Hector hand crafted custom made boots are a great alternative for those chilly days!  I paired the boots with my destroyed jeans, which are so casual, comfy and effortless and topped it off with an ultra feminine smocked waist bohemian top that gives me a splash of color! I guess, I’m going for that bohemian chic vibe. LOL

I am currently headed to work in order to get my day started as I have an exciting three months ahead of me and needless to say, these next three months will be interesting. 🙂



Do you like my Hector Riccione hand crafted custom made boots?


I can’t wait to get more! These are my new favs!


Have a beautiful day loves!

– Tami