I wanted to share pics from behind the scenes at The Wendy Williams Show! I brought my daughter Lyric with me and of course,  my assistant Tonya came as well.




Here I am signing the Wendy wall!  I love my Zac Posen dress!  Christopher Harris styled me for the day, Alicia Fajardo styled my hair and make-up by Tara Taylor! That NV Clinical slimmed me down right? 🙂



Tonya has a huge crush on Jerry Springer and kept hyperventilating whenever he walked by or when she heard his voice!  We were cracking up!  Doesn’t she look good?  She has been on that NV Clinical!


Lyric, Jerry and me!  I can’t tell you how crazy and funny this guy is!  Jewelry provided by Roman Collection.


My baby girl Lyric and the fabulous Wendy Williams! 


Wendy has the best staff ever!

I can’t wait to go back! Have a great night!