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Belle’s Episode 1

Belle’s:  Full Episode 1:  One Big Happy Family
In the premiere episode of TV One’s new original sitcom, meet the Coopers!  Are they really just one big happy family?
LINK: http://www.tvone.tv/shows/belles/video/belle-s-full-episode–one-big-happy-family.html

Belle’s Blog by Tami Roman:  Episode 1 – One Big Happy Family 
Find out why Tami Roman loves the first episode of her new sitcom Belle’s. Read her blog!
LINK: http://www.tvone.tv/shows/belles/belle-s-blog/tami-roman-s-belle-s-blog–one-big-happy-family-.html

Belle’s – Episode 2
Belle’s:  Full Episode 2:  Birthday Party
Pam turns the big 1-1 but will her birthday be happy?  Vivica Fox guest stars.
LINK: http://www.tvone.tv/shows/belles/video/belle-s-full-episode–birthday-party-.html
Belle’s Blog by Tami Roman : Episode 1 – Birthday Party 

Tami Roman blogs about the importance of family and why Belle’s second episode teaches a valuable lesson. Read and comment!
LINK: http://www.tvone.tv/shows/belles/belle-s-blog/tami-romans-belles-blog-episode-2.html


More Belle’s

Belle’s Recipes
Throw down in the kitchen like Aunt Gladys and get your Belle’s recipes of your favorite dishes on the set!
LINK: http://www.tvone.tv/shows/belles/recipes.html