Nail Candy: Tami Roman


Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Tami Roman recently launched “TR Love Cosmetics,” her very own nail polish and lip gloss line.

Our nail blogger, Yazmin Ramos, caught up with Tami after the show to talk all about her nail obsession!

Nail candy: Congratulations on your “TR Love Cosmetics” line!! What inspired you to start a nail polish and lip gloss line?
Tami: I decided to do a nail polish and lip gloss line, because when I fell on hard times with my family, the only thing I could afford to do was get my nails done, like a mani, pedi and occasionally a lip gloss. So I wanted to put out something that was organic to me and directly relevant to my life. That’s how “TR Love” was born.

Nail Candy: How did you come up with the idea to create a LED lip gloss?
Tami: It’s dark inside a club, and I always want to touch up my lip gloss, but I can’t see, and the line for the bathroom is always too long. I thought it would be great to put a mirror on the lip gloss, and we added an LED light. Every time I pull my lip gloss out of my purse and click the light, it illuminates and women are like “omg it actually woks, I can see my lips!” so everybody is in love with the lip gloss.

Nail Candy: What makes your “Spring Love” nail polish collection different from other nail polish brands?
Tami: When you think of nail polish, there are a lot of different lines that are very similar. My line is made in the USA. There are no unnatural chemicals in my nail polish, and that was very important to me when we went through the manufacturing process. In terms of the colors, I picked colors that made me feel happy and that I actually like to wear.

Nail Candy: All of your nail polishes have unique names, like “Jealous Much.” How do you come up with names for each nail polish?
Tami: [laughs] I pull from people that I am around and people that I love. You know I am very big in the gay community and they’re always like “you a good Judy girl!” That stuck with me, so I used that one and “clutch the pearls.” All the names are really just catch phrases that I have come across over the years that I just fell in love with. [laughs]

Nail Candy: You teamed up with Wendy Williams for an exclusive nail polish shade called “Werk!” What made you want to collaborate with Wendy for your “Spring Love” nail polish collection?
Tami: Wendy has always been very supportive of me and it didn’t have to be nail polish that I collaborated with her on, but just approaching her and asking for her support. Wendy was at my wedding, so I wanted to incorporate her in some way because she has always been a big supporter of mine. So many people love her and I am starting to branch out and people are finding themselves loving me more so I thought it would be an excellent collaboration.

Nail Candy: How old were you when you got your first manicure? What kind of manicure did you get?
Tami: I was 13. I was kind of like a semi-tomboy so I didn’t really care about that stuff until I went to live with my grandmother in North Carolina. My grandmother told me “you have to start being a girl,” so she took me to the nail salon, and it was the worst experience for me, because they tried to cut my cuticles and they cut me with the nail clipper. It took me some time to actually go back to the nail salon and have my nails done again.

Nail Candy: Are you good at painting nails?
Tami: Girl I will mess you up. I actually tried to do my daughter’s nails and posted a picture on Instagram and people were like “Tami, stop don’t ever pick up a nail polish brush again.” They said “I like the color boo, but stop it, take your daughter to the nail salon.” [laughs]

Nail Candy: What do you have on your nails right now?
Tami: I’m wearing “Make it Rain” and “Clutch the Pearls” with a thin french line and I wanted to have the zebra because I thought it was cute.

Nail Candy: Where is “TR Love Cosmetics” sold?
Tami: Online at We decided to give people a duo, so you can’t actually buy nail polish without getting the fantastic lip gloss. We thought that was a unique twist, so you can get both products for $19.99.