I am very happy that everyone enjoyed the season opener of Basketball Wives, season 5! Contrary to

popular belief, we all put our hearts and souls into the show and opening our lives up for all the world to

see, no matter how difficult it may be.

For me in particular, watching this season is bitter sweet, as so many facets of my life have changed. My

mother is no longer here and someone I called family is no longer apart of my life.

To see my mother on screen and taking her medical journey with her was very difficult for me. At times I

hurt, times I cried and there were times that I was angry with her for getting sick. It was truly an emotional

roller coaster for me that I would give anything to ride now…if only she were still here. Although, time

keeps on slipping into the future and I can’t rewind time, so I’ve got to proceed and be the best mother

I can be to my girls. It is my mission to be successful in all endeavors and make my mother proud. I

appreciated all of the prayers and condolences :).

The passing of my mother has taught me that things are ever changing whether you want them to or

not. There are times when people will depart from your life by choice or by force and I’ve have began to

accept that thought in most areas of my life. I have tried to stop fighting change and simply find the lesson

I was supposed to learn.

You will see me share my pain with Shauna, someone who I considered family and called her my cousin

for almost 17 years. However, over the past year, I found out things that hurt me and made me feel like

the love wasn’t genuinely reciprocated. Small things turned into bigger issues, lawsuits were settled at

my expense, friendships were lost and suddenly we weren’t speaking. I no longer had my confidante, my

road dog and it hurt. I found myself fighting change and asking why we were at this bridge…yet again.

Then God showed me so many reasons why people are either in your life for a reason or season and

not everyone is meant to stay. Although it hurts to say, Shauna and I are no longer affiliated and I do not

have any connection to DivaGlam.

I am ok with moving on in both areas of my life. I will NEVER forget my mother and will undoubtedly move

on from all past hurts.

Please continue to enjoy the season…there is so much more to come. Reacquaint yourself with the

original cast and meet the new member. Witness the growth, trials, struggles, triumphs and…of course the

drama that is known as Basketball Wives. I know what I shot this season, but not necessarily sure what

you will end up seeing LOL.

Stay blessed!


Memories Will Comfort Me Until We Meet Again!

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Rest In Paradise Mom

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