• EOTM Awards 2013

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    Hello Loves!

    On August 4th I won EOTM “Entrepreneur of the Yea” Award. It was such an honor to receive this award and I am really excited that I won it and want to thank you for supporting me and trusting my professional qualities. Your support means a lot to me. It is the recognition of my hard work through the years.


    Thank you for your support.





    Check out the link below for the full list of winners. CONGRATULATIONS !!



  • The Wendy Williams Show | Nail Candy: Tami Roman

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    The Wendy Williams Show  | Nail Candy: Tami Roman

    Nail Candy: Tami Roman


    Wednesday April 10th, 2013

    Tami Roman recently launched “TR Love Cosmetics,” her very own nail polish and lip gloss line.

    Our nail blogger, Yazmin Ramos, caught up with Tami after the show to talk all about her nail obsession!

    Nail candy: Congratulations on your “TR Love Cosmetics” line!! What inspired you to start a nail polish and lip gloss line?
    Tami: I decided to do a nail polish and lip gloss line, because when I fell on hard times with my family, …

  • Having Fun on the OMG! Insider Set!

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    I was having waaaay too much fun with Bryan’s crazy self!  I love everyone over there!! Hilarious!

  • More BBW5 Promo Behind The Scenes!

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    Here we are on set of the cast promo shoot! I have to say that all the ladies looked gorgeous and this is really going to be a great season! Can’t wait for you all to check it out!

    As you can see, I have lost weight due to NV Clinical and it has been such a wonderful experience! I never knew that after going through depression, putting down the cigarettes for good and gaining so much weight that I could …

  • Behind The Scenes – Basketball Wives 5 Promo Shoot

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    Here we are at the BBW5 Promo shoot! This season is going to be fierce!  Love these ladies!!

    I’m wearing my ‘U A Good Judy’ nail color by TR Love Cosmetics and ‘Khloe’ light-up lip gloss!

    Check them out http://www.trlovecosmetics.com.


  • London Fashion Week!

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    I’m fashion show ready!  Loving this dress and my new waistline!

    That NV Clinical does a body good!!

  • “NV Clinical Rolled Out The Carpet For VH1 Reality Star Tami Roman’s Swag Bags”

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    “NV Clinical Rolled Out The Carpet For VH1 Reality Star Tami Roman’s Swag Bags”

    Tami Roman provided her special VIP guest and celebrity friends with her specialty made ‘Swag Bags’. The bags were produced by Hollywood South Productions and gifted to celebrities as they left the event. In the swag bags included was Tami Roman’s new endorsement products; NV Clinical supplements and NV sprinkles, along with Tami’s new Roman Collection for B.Foxy jewelry line, and of course TR ‘Love Cosmetics’ nail polish and a lovely TR ‘Love Cosmetics’ t-shirt by Spreadshirt. Guest were pleasantly surprised with the …

  • From Size 14 to 6!

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    From Size 14 to 6!

    Wow! I cannot believe that just a few months ago I was a size 14!  It’s amazing what using NV Clinical did for me and now I’m a size 6!


    Thank you NV Clinical for changing my life and I hope that I can do the same for others.




  • The Roman Collection for B. Foxy!

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    Hey Guys!

    Check out my new line of jewelry titled ROMAN COLLECTION!  I just adore my new accessories and so affordable!  Click on the pics below to see the collection!



    Love Charm Earrings – $24.00

    Faith Snap Bracelet – $26.00

    Nail polish by TR “Love” Cosmetics (color: Supa Tramp)


  • The Perfect Earrings for Miami!

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    The Perfect Earrings for Miami!

    Loving my new Roman Collection accessories for B. Foxy! These were the perfect earrings for my Miami trip!