• Behind The Scenes on the set of Belle’s!

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    Behind The Scenes on the set of Belle’s!

    I’m so excited for the premiere of my new original sitcom on TV One titled, “Belle’s”!

    As you know, acting is my first love and I’m very grateful that all of you will have a chance to see me once again doing what I love to do most! Below, I have shared behind the scene pictures of me and the cast! Remember to tune in on February 1, 2013 and check your local listings for show times!!


    Cast script table read: …

  • Hanging with The Best!

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    Hanging with The Best!

    While in Houston, I was so happy to hang with Houston elite Bun B at his Health Awareness event in honor of Pimp C!

    Check out the images below!


    Bun B/King of Trill and his beautiful wife Queenie at the Health Awareness event in honor of Pimp C.


    My daughter Lyric, Queenie and Shauna hanging out at the event! 










  • Bold Blue from LOVE Cosmetics!

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    Bold Blue from LOVE Cosmetics!

    This upcoming Spring 2013 will be time for a change! Ditch the standard square and square with rounded corners nails and shoot for a fresh OVAL shape, paired with a bold color!

    LOVE cosmetics will offer the best in bold bright colors for Spring!  So get ready!!!


    What do you think?  I love this shade!




  • My Night At VH1 Divas!

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    My Night At VH1 Divas!

    So, last night, I attended VH1 Divas with one of my dearest friends, Leah Daniels Butler.  My night was too memorable and people watching at the awards show was fun! Seeing Nene and Greg made me smile because I really like them together. I saw LaLa and Brandy, who took a cute Instagram pic and Brandy brought her daughter, who is such a cutie pie!

    Dr. Drew was in attendance and Jordin Sparks is amazingly beautiful!  Miley Cyrus has really come …

  • My Style: The “Tabby” Studded Black Leatherette Jacket!

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    My Style: The “Tabby” Studded Black Leatherette Jacket!

    I had a wonderful business meeting today and decided to rock my “Tabby” Studded Leatherette Jacket courtesy of celebboutique.com!  This jacket is a MUST HAVE!  The spike sleeves are definitely on trend and you can pair the jacket with either a colorful pair of skinny jeans, bandage dress or as I did, with a pencil skirt and cream colored shell!


    Jacket retails for $157.00 on Celebboutique.com


    Here are a few other ways that you can create a “cool” look with …

  • Tami Roman Is The Diva Of All Divas!

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    Tami Roman Is The Diva Of All Divas!

    Hello Everyone! Check me out on the purple carpet speaking to the wonderful Jackie Christie and find out how I’m keeping it slim and trim!

    VH1 DIVAS – VH1 DIVAS Photos – Tune In Live Sunday Dec. 16 9/8c at VH1

  • Black Friday at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Barneys

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    Black Friday at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Barneys

    Okay, so the first question I have to ask is, “Why am I doing this to myself?!”. I had the nerve to go black Friday shopping at Neiman’s, Saks, Barneys and literally bought everything I saw!  I hit up the shoe departments and nearly fainted because of all the gorgeous shoes and wonderful sales! One thing I couldn’t resist where these beautiful Chanel boots! Whew!



    Did you go Black Friday shopping?  I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!






  • Why I Love Texas

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    Why I Love Texas

    I recently visited Houston for work and had a really great time. I found out that I was “trill” and “static” LOL. I finally saw grills up close – I never knew anybody who had grills…seriously. I sat on a candy painted slab with swangers! LMAO! Hung with my cousin Shauna, my brother George, went to The Fountain of Praise church (service was amazing), ate at Just Oxtails, enjoyed the sunset….oh and I managed to get some work in too.

    Thank …

  • Another Day Working Hard in TEXAS!

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    Another Day Working Hard in TEXAS!

    Hello Everyone!

    I mentioned in my last blog that I took a recent trip to Houston to shoot for a National Magazine and I couldn’t be more excited!  I have huge things coming up very soon and cannot wait to share with you!

    Below are a few behind the scene photos with my hair and make-up artist!



  • My Secret Commercial Shoot!

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    My Secret Commercial Shoot!

    Whew! I recently had a crazy International shoot and worked overnight. I feel like I haven’t slept in days because I immediately had to travel to Texas! However, I had soooo much fun and I cannot wait for you guys to see my new project! Below is a sneak peek of pictures.  I have to say that the hairstylist Janet Jackson was amazing!