• Tami’s Throwback Thursday!

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    Tami’s Throwback Thursday!

    It’s Throwback Thursday everyone!  Check me out on the cover of Woman’s World magazine years ago! Wow, this brings back so many memories, I look like Susie homemaker. LOL


    Has anyone ever seen this cover?  What are your favorite throwback pictures?

    – Tami


  • My Look for Today – Bohemian Chic!

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    My Look for Today – Bohemian Chic!

    Good Morning Everyone!

    It’s a bright and beautiful day in Los Angeles and it’s not really time for Uggs here, however, my Hector hand crafted custom made boots are a great alternative for those chilly days!  I paired the boots with my destroyed jeans, which are so casual, comfy and effortless and topped it off with an ultra feminine smocked waist bohemian top that gives me a splash of color! I guess, I’m going for that bohemian chic vibe. LOL

    I am currently …

  • ELECTION DAY! Making History with My Daughter Lyric!

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    ELECTION DAY! Making History with My Daughter Lyric!


    I’m extremely excited, because I just made history today with my daughter Lyric!  For the first time, I voted with my baby girl!  I hope that everyone exercised his or her right to vote. It’s up to you to choose and your vote is VERY important.





    We need to make certain that job growth, healthcare and education reform stay on track! Let’s continue to move FORWARD on our path.  YOUR VOTE COUNTS!


    Did you vote today?





  • My Fall Nail Polish Picks!

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    My Fall Nail Polish Picks!

    Loving the new Fall nail polish colors! I try to change my polish every chance that I get! Having freshly manicured nails with a new coat of color makes me feel so good!  Do you feel the same way?  If so, check out my picks for Fall!  Everyone seems to be on trend!

    China Glaze – Adventure Red-y: Vivid Red

    Retails: $7.00

    RGB – Cobalt …

  • Amazed at my Progress!

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    Amazed at my Progress!

    Hey guys!

    I woke up this morning with a pep in my step! I’m seeing so much progress from when I started the NV Supplements and Sprinkles!  I even have a flatter tummy and my thighs are getting slimmer! YAY!

    For those of you on the weight loss journey, don’t give up!  Keep persevering because you can achieve your goals! So many times, I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.  It’s days like these that I can look in the mirror, …

  • Halloween was a blast!

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    Halloween was a blast!

    Although I didn’t go the original route and dress up for Halloween, I opted to have dinner and drinks with a few fabulous friends!  We all went to Xen Lounge in Studio City and had good times!

    So many people could tell that I lost weight and were shocked by my new look!  When our meals came, my friends asked me for sprinkles for their food, I always carry them in my purse and before I knew it, I was passing …

  • Stripping’ Ain’t Easy!

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    Look around and ask yourself if you enjoy the company you keep. Are these people who you have let into your personal space an attribute or a detriment to your overall well being. Do they inspire and uplift OR are they negative to the core.

    I would like to think that most people are good at heart. The average person tries to live right and does what they have to do to survive. However, you have some people who in the …

  • Happy Halloween!!!

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    Happy Halloween!!!

    [gview file=”http://blurbers.com/tamiroman/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2012/10/Blank-8.pdf” height=”800″ width=”620″ save=”0″]


    Thanks for sharing your great looks with me. Love all the beautiful kids in their costumes. S/O to all the moms who dress up with their kids to keep it fun. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it LOL. Great makeup, sexy nighties and catsuits…LOL at Nikki’s butt and my personal favorite…Oooooh on the TLC tip! Have a great Halloween Everybody!

  • GOT HAIR???

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    GOT HAIR???

    They do… Below are some of my favorites hair suppliers.

    296 Elizabeth St.
    (Corner Elizabeth St/Houston Ave)
    New York, NY 10012
    *PURE Collection – Curly*




    2240 S. Michigan Ave #201
    Chicago, IL 60616
    877.glamlux (452-6589)

    *Black Label – Straight*




    4804 Alameda Road
    Houston, TX 77004

    *Malaysian – Curly*


  • Sneak Peek of My New Look!

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    Sneak Peek of My New Look!

    As most of you know, I have been on a mission to lose weight by using NV Supplements and NV Sprinkles. The journey has been great because I have lost beyond my expectations and I’m going for more!  In honor of my fabulous weight loss so far, I decided to get a make-over and give you guys a sneak peek!  I went for the straight look with a swoop! What do you think of my hair?

    Just in case you are …