• Find Your Shoes

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    I should walk away
    But I keep misplacing my shoes
    Fear of the unknown
    Keeps me around the blues
    I’m scared of the thought
    So I overstay my welcome
    I need to go
    I want to go
    I absolutely have to go!
    But I can’t leave barefoot
    And I keep misplacing my shoes…

    Ladies, it hurts to start over…the thought of being alone…complacency…comfort… Whatever excuse you can think of is not worth your dignity. Don’t stay where you aren’t appreciated, loved, cared for and made to feel special. It hurts to …

  • Jazz Gets Down to The Wire!

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    Jazz Gets Down to The Wire!

    My baby Jazz performed as the opening act at at the Bungalow Room on Melrose in

    Los Angeles, California. She rocked the stage performing her mixtape joint “The Wire” to a more than hype crowd. Up next was Gabe who really knew how to get it poppin with his new joint called “Turnt Up”. Overall, the night was a success and Jazz is preparing to perform on Halloween.
    Bring the kids out to see Jazz perform “The Wire”!
    6901 Lennox Avenue
    Van Nuys, CA 91405

  • Yesterday I Cried

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    Yesterday I cried

    I thought life had no more to offer
    My eyes were open, but I couldn’t see
    Couldn’t understand why I was cursed to be “me”

    Yesterday I cried
    Definitely until my eyes burned
    My soul ached
    And although I moved thru the day
    I felt boxed in
    Nowhere to turn

    Yes, YESTERDAY I cried
    I shed every single tear I could
    I left it all there…Yesterday

    Today is brand new
    I start my journey again
    Fresh outlook on things
    Thank you God, Amen

    Today I Live!

  • Even An Orgasm Takes Work…

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    When you talk about diets, there is no instant gratification, even an orgasm takes work LOL.

    Don’t approach the weight loss challenge thinking, that things will happen overnight. That is not what this is about. Remember the ultimate goal is to begin a healthy living lifestyle. Having said that, once you incorporate proper eating and exercise into your regimen, you will ultimately see the benefits you desire…weight loss.  The purpose of selecting NV for me was to help free my body …

  • WTF???

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    WTF is your problem? I bet you have a long list of stuff to complain about. Here’s the problem with that…NOBODY CARES! Keep in mind that every person walking is dealing with something and YOU, your problems, your issues are the least of their concerns.

    Stop complaining! No seriously…stop it right now. You think you’ve got problems…try being homeless in Chicago or NY right now…try digging for your food out of the nearest trash can…try living out of your car….try …

  • Tonya’s Curry Chicken Salad | NV Weight Loss Challenge

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    Tonya’s Curry Chicken Salad | NV Weight Loss Challenge

    As you know, Tonya is one of my followers and she has been adamant in regards to the NV weight loss challenge!  So far, within one week, Tonya lost 8lbs!  This is awesome news and I’m really proud of her!  She wanted to share a recipe below…check it out!  And, if any of you have any images or videos, please share with me! And, don’t forget to log on to www.trynv.com to lose that stubborn weight!  Let’s get a jump …

  • 2nd Annual Haiti Movie Awards!

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    2nd Annual Haiti Movie Awards!

    This weekend I attended the 2nd Annual Haiti Movie Awards in Boston with my boyfriend, director Jerry Lamothe. I must say that it was one of the best times I have had in a long time.

    Jerry was honored and received the Honorary Award in Filmmaking, along with actor/philanthropist Jimmy Jean Louis and actor Benz Antoine. The event was very well ran and our hosts were the epitome of hospitable, professional and loving.

    I have often said that Jerry and his family …

  • DAY 1 – Tonya Jeter’s on NV!!

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    DAY 1 – Tonya Jeter’s on NV!!

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m really excited about one of my followers, Tonya Jeter who decided to take the challenge with us! Below, you will find a video regarding her thoughts on NV and her first day! I’m so proud of you and please keep it up! We can do this together!



  • Why I Chose NV…

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    Why I Chose NV…


    I’m really big on research and when I decided to use a weight loss product, I read reviews on all the hot market items. I opted for NV for the following reason ONLY…

    When you read the above the line in diet/ appetite suppressants, most of them have caffeine. What I liked about NV was that even though they have caffeine in them, that is NOT their focus. Their main above the line active ingredient is a natural antioxidant called Mangosteen.

    Mangosteen is …

  • Let’s Come Together For A Weight Loss Challenge!

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    Let’s Come Together For A Weight Loss Challenge!

    Happy Tuesday Everyone!


    Most of you know me as a stand up person who is going to keep it real with you, so I’d like to share this moment in the hopes that you will take this journey with me.

    A few months ago, I quit smoking and to cope, I transferred my dependency from one vice to the next. I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down. I looked up one day and I actually weighed 185 lbs. Now based on the …