• Single Black Female

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    Well, well, well…tonight’s episode was one for the books. We see the continuation of the bottle throwing incident and I still stand behind my decision to get involved. I try to operate on right is right and wrong is wrong. I come from an era where if we scrap it up, that’s just it. We throw blows and we both are alive in the morning. I couldn’t call myself a friend to Evelyn and let her catch a case …

  • Live & Love. Life is too short

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    Relaxed fit standard weight t-shirt for women, 100% pre-shrunk cotton (50%cotton/50%polyester for deep heather color),

  • Just Another Maniac Night w/ The Girls

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    Girl if you tell us one more time how much Suzie f#%ks… I’m going to strangle you.


    I would have liked for you to tell the truth while we were poolside. I can’t say that I was your number 1 fan but I respected your hustle.  I have a big problem with people who lie to me and I really didn’t want to think that about you since we were trying to build a “business” relationship. However, there are several things …

  • It’s Not My Job to Blog BUT I’m going To Do It Anyway

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    It’s Not My Job to Blog, BUT I’m going To Do It Anyway
    Watching this episode made it official…it’s my turn to play the angry black woman. I don’t want to address to many things because I will see all of these ladies at the reunion and I’m much more of a face to face person, but here goes…

    I want you to pay for my next therapy session because that is what saved your life at that birthday dinner. You have …

  • Bitch, Bitch, and MORE BITCH!

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    I usually don’t blog, but I felt a need to address a few things…


    To be clear, upon meeting you, I asked you respectfully to discuss anything you had to say about me…WITH ME. I wasn’t confrontational nor was I argumentative. Of course that part was edited out of the show; however you, Royce and Kenya know what I said. When you spoke to Evelyn about me; it wasn’t what you said, but the fact that you said it. I don’t …

  • An Event by Designer Sue Wong by Lyric Chanel

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    An Event by Designer Sue Wong by Lyric Chanel

    An Event by Designer Sue Wong

    by Lyric Chanel

    Thursday night I went to an event hosted by fashion designer Sue Wong. Before we

    got there, I assumed it would be a fashion show like every other one I’ve been to.

    I was so wrong. Sue Wong’s event was more of a lounge/get together…a time for

    industry people to mingle…while models walking around the venue & in cages

    rocked her designs. The models wore intricate dresses, elaborate headpieces, and

    jaw dropping jewelry. …


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    AVENUE   L
    By Lyric Chanel

    Trends are fun…I think that’s one thing we can all agree. What’s not fun about staying up on the latest trends is when they become our OBSESSION.  Magazines become our Bible & celebrities become our  gods…uhh NO. I have one God one Bible and trends don’t define me. Nor should they define you. Being trend obsessed in an attempt to express individuality makes you just like everyone else. There are billions of people in the world & at least 50% are …

  • Cheaters-Stay or Go?

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    I’ve had many women tell me about their personal relationships and how they have caught their men cheating in the relationship. They go on to ask me if they should stay or go. Women want to know if they stay with a cheating mate, are they lowering their worth? Wow, when you think about all of the components that go into developing a successful relationship, you have to understand that all things aren’t black or white…sometimes there is a little …

  • Fashion Week in Madrid

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    Fashion Week in Madrid was absolutely amazing! Sitting “FRONT ROW” in another country viewing the upcoming fashions was quite an experience. Most of the designers are not here in the states, so in terms of fashion, it was great to see haute couture items that no one would have.

    Juana Martin and Ion Fiz had the best shows by far. Look up these designers to see their latest collections!

    I went with the girls from Basketball Wives 2 and needless to say, …

  • Fit & Fabulous 2011 (re-post)

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    Ok ladies, I am so excited about this journey we are embarking on together!

    I will not lie to you, I LOVE food and HATE working out, but it is time for a change. If we are not happy with things in our lives, we have to work towards changing them. No one else can do that for us.

    I am not happy with my health and weight situation right now, so I have to do something about it. Thank you for …